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Compare Board Game Tables

Tables for board games are a perfect addition to any game lovers home and come in many shapes and sizes with many features. Whether you're looking for something smaller like a coffee table or large to fit up to 10 people, we have you covered. We carry board game tables for the gaming fanatic to the family friendly casual gamer.

To help you decide which is the best board game table for you, we created this helpful page to get you started.

Table Shape and Size

We have game tables for smaller spaces and some for the larger space. Rectangle, octagonal, and rounded corners are the most popular. The octagonal table fits nicely in small spaces and is a super efficient space-saver. Its amazing how much playing space and people that are wrapped up in one table. 

Think about your space and which shape will be right for you. If you're looking for a smaller more casual table to play in the living room, check out the Origins Coffee Table. Its super efficient with a 4" vaulted playing surface and even has optional 3-leaf extension add-ons for playing full size games. Opt for leg raisers to make it br height, dining height, or counter height in minutes. 

Color, Look, Design

Your home is where you spend a lot of time and the place where gaming and family can be an awesome experience for all. It's important that your furniture pieces blend well with the home and are also functional. We have many gaming tables that can add elegance to your space but they all vary in look and appeal according to your tastes.

Do you want a large dominant rectangular deep onyx color table or a smaller octagonal table? Are you wanting a graywash table to fit with the light theme of the rest of your decor or something rustic and old world with sleek lines

We carry many different shapes, finished, design styles, and looks to fit your space. Some come in a variety of finishes while others are focuses on one look.

 Customization Options

Are you one who likes to customize everything you buy to make sure its unique and stands out? We have many tables that have loads of customization options from armrest fabric, to playing surface and more. You can send in custom artwork to be printed on many of the game surfaces with your favorite game board, design, dogs' face, whatever. Even raise the height on the Origins Coffee Table with leg raisers to make it counter height, dining height, or bar height.

The Helmsley Board Game Table is our favorite for customization as you can choose from dozens of custom vegan leather fabric options to truly make your table one of a kind. 


Hopefully after reading this page you have a better idea of which board game table you would like from our site. We would be happy to help you decide which table for board games is right for you. Contact Us if you have any questions. Remember, free continental US shipping on all products!